Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: The best economic activity bracelet is renewed with NFC and OLED screen.

Xiaomi updates its most popular environmental monitoring wristband. The new version has NFC technology, OLED color screen and a higher capacity for personalization.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: The best economic activity bracelet is renewed with NFC and OLED screen.
Xiaomi Mi Band 4: The best economic activity bracelet is renewed with NFC and OLED screen.

Although the focus is mostly on their smartphones, this is not the only segment in which Xiaomi generates expectation. The most significant proof of this is the Mi Band 4, a physical monitoring bracelet that, after weeks of speculation, has been officially presented in China.

This new product, which continues the lineage of the previous Mi Band, presents essential novelties. The most remarkable to the naked eye is the integration of a color screen with OLED technology, which can show more information, is larger, and also do it in a richer way. It offers up to 400 bits of brightness and a resolution of 240 x 140 pixels.

The screen grows in size, improves performance, and also has OLED technology.
Inside the My Band 4, an NFC chip is included that will allow, among other things, to make payments incompatible POS terminals. The manufacturer, however, will also distribute a version of this My Band without this connectivity.

The battery has a capacity of 125 mAh in the version with NFC, while the variant without this connectivity raises this figure to 135 mAh. In both cases, yes, Bluetooth 5.0, heart rate sensor and an advanced accelerometer are included.

The Mi Band 4 with NFC also integrates the voice assistant Xiao AI, developed by the manufacturer. At the moment, he is only able to interpret orders in Chinese, so it is unlikely that Xiaomi will integrate this assistant in the versions designed for Europe and Latin America.

The chassis of the Mi Band 4 now supports water dives up to 50 meters deep. On this pillar, the manufacturer has developed specific monitoring systems for aquatic exercises such as surfing or swimming, which add to other activities such as running or cycling. All these systems, of course, rely on the heart rate sensor to offer more accurate and relevant metrics.

And like the previous versions, the My Band 4 is also able to monitor the dream, recording all the data in the application designed for smartphones (Android and iOS).

The basic version of the My Band 4 will be marketed in China for 169 yuan, which is equivalent to 21 euros at the current exchange rate. The version with NFC, on the other hand, will have a price of 229 yuan - almost 30 euros. It is expected that over the next few months, the manufacturer will expand the commercialization of this product to other markets, including Spain.

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