Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Pixel 4 could also arrive with this square module and, finally, with multiple cameras

According to OnLeaks, the design of one of the Google Pixel 2019 would be very similar to what is expected of the next iPhone.

The Pixel 4 could also arrive with this square module and, finally, with multiple cameras
The Pixel 4 could also arrive with this square module and, finally, with multiple cameras.

Google recently introduced the Pixel 3a as an economical version that would keep the big sales pitch of its reference phones, the Pixel 3 and its camera. After a generation with a rather moderate jump in terms of hardware dedicated to this, the first assumptions based on "prototyping schemes" are once again here with OnLeaks and its collaboration with Pricebaba.

If this information turns out to be accurate, the next Pixel 4 - which is expected to be presented in October, as every year - would have a square camera module and very similar to the molds of the 2019 iPhone. In the case of the smartphone Apple, these would arrive with a triple camera. For Google, there is not yet a concrete figure, beyond that, it is expected to count, for the first time, with more than one sensor.

The Pixel 4 would debut the multiple cameras in Google.

According to On leaks would be at least two cameras, without ruling out the presence of a third. There are no specific details of the same, and seeing the great bet of Google for the computational photography and the distance that this approach has put about the rest of manufacturers, we can wait for anything. There could well be three cameras that complete the focal range - and therefore the zoom - of the main one, with broader focuses and more increases. But it could also be a second lens that provides more information on which to support processing by deep learning.

In the new images, the reader is lost by fingerprints, which could mean either that the next Pixel 4 would include a fingerprint sensor under the screen, or that they would make use of face-to-face unlocking that is expected to appear official in the next version of Android.

If OnLeaks is right and judging by the position of the superior headset, the screen layout we saw in the 2018 models would be maintained, with the 'notch' at the top but still without any clue about the -sufficiently criticized- size of this. Again, the Pixel 4 could arrive without an option for the headphone jack, allowing as only options Bluetooth playback or through USB C. By the position of the perforations in its base, the new design aims to also avoid the front speakers in stereo.

As for its features, we could expect the typical specifications of a high-end smartphone in 2019. Or what is the same, Snapdragon 855 and 6 GB of RAM in its center?

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