Tuesday, June 11, 2019

So you can add song lyrics on Instagram Stories natively.

Instagram implements a new feature to include lyrics of your favorite songs in the stories.

So you can add song lyrics on Instagram Stories natively.
So you can add song lyrics on Instagram Stories natively.

Fulfilling one of the main demands of users over time, Instagram has finally implemented the possibility of adding lyrics to the songs, one of the most popular features of the Stories. This way, now it will be possible to endow the Stories with a new dynamism, which over the years has become a fundamental pillar of the platform owned by Facebook.

This new option, as is already standard on Instagram, is being implemented gradually. This means that you may not yet be able to find it in the app, but you do not need to update or carry out any particular action, it will merely appear as available over the next few hours or days as the service expands its integration.

How to add song lyrics on Instagram Stories?

The process to follow to add the letters, as it was mentioned, is extremely simple, since it is included directly in the sticker Music. When making use of it and selecting a song, we will see now appear on the timeline of the same a row of options between which you can choose if you want to show the letter of the same, how there are several available - or if you prefer to reveal the cover in the usual way.

As for the possibilities with the letters, there are four different styles, to which you can motivate the color and resize the taste of the story. You just have to select one, finish completing the adornment to us and upload the story, which will be shown with this new and original view to all our followers.



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