Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Microsoft lanza Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Get Gold, Game Pass for Xbox and for PC for 10 pesos, converting all your current subscriptions in Ultimate by default.

Microsoft lanza Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Microsoft Lanza Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

During the Microsoft conference, yesterday at E3 2019, the arrival of the Game Pass Ultimate package was announced, with which it is expected to unify the Xbox online services, the Xbox Live Gold subscription, Game Pass for consoles and the recently published version. For PC, Windows 10.

The service will have a launch price in Mexico of 208.99 pesos per month, however, to commemorate its initial period, you can find a special price of 10 pesos just for the first month.

Also, it was added that the Game Pass service, has added several games to its catalog as, Batman Arkham Knight, Metro Exodus and Borderlands The Handsome Collection. Along with another group of 34 titles that will be available from its launch.

On the other hand, the service in its version of PC for Windows 10, will have more than 100 titles, and it was confirmed that Imperator is added: Rome, Football Manager, and the expected Halo The Master Chief Collection.

The Xbox Live Gold service, which is included in the package, allows you to play online with other players around the world, as well as add downloading games at no additional cost while the subscription is still active.



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