Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Google is pushing the Trump government to return its Android to Huawei

Both companies have a lot to lose if finally Huawei, the second phone manufacturer worldwide, loses access to Google's Android.

Google is pushing the Trump government to return its Android to Huawei
Google is pushing the Trump government to return its Android to Huawei.

The US blockade of Huawei has severe consequences, and not only for the Chinese telecommunications giant that has even been forced to reduce production after a blow to its sales in different markets, including Spanish. Now, according to the Financial Times, Google is pushing the US administration to allow Huawei to access its mobile operating system.

The first effects of the veto of the government that directs Donald Trump saw the light to the light after being published that Google paralyzed its commercial relations with Huawei. This implies the loss of access to future software updates to which Huawei would have to adapt by implementing its own software.

Now, according to this publication and according to the FT sources, it is Google itself that is arguing that this could have more harm than good for the US national security. He says that if Huawei is forced to launch this "hybrid" operating system, it would be "more at risk of being hacked, especially by China."

And the fact that Huawei devices do not have the Android of Google could hardly improve the national security of the United States, taking into account that these devices are already restricted in that market. If Huawei finally distributes accessories without the services of Google, without Google Play and its Play Protect - which is the de facto antivirus currently on Android - in the rest of the markets, the information that passes through them would be more easily compromised.

Huawei has already claimed that it can implement its own version of the operating system very fast. Most likely, this would be based on the version used in China, and that avoids the services of Google and its Play Store thanks to App Gallery, its own app store.

Of course, and as they also point out in Bloomberg, there is an incentive even more relevant than the supposed national security that argues against the United States government. If the second manufacturer of mobile devices worldwide stops using their services, Google could lose control over their data and the corresponding pinch in advertising revenue.

At the moment, it seems that Huawei is not negotiating "directly with the executive of Trump and is waiting to see how Google talks evolve." He still has about two and a half months left until next August 19 the restrictions with all their consequences become effective.



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